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Touch Bar 

Located on the top of the controller, the TouchPad offers gamers completely new ways to play and interact with games.
Light Bar

Three LEDs offer a simpler way to easily identify players and quickly see useful game information, like when a character is low on health or has taken major damage.
SHARE Button

Share triumphs and accomplishments by streaming live gameplay to Ustream or uploading recorded videos to Facebook.
Built-in Speaker and Stereo Headset Jack

Enjoy high-fidelity sound effects of games from both the TV and also from the controller. Chat with friends playing online with the bundled headset
New Shape

Improved ergonomics means it’s more comfortable to hold, while improved analog sticks and buttons mean more precise control.
Enhanced Vibration

Multiple vibration motors give games a greater degree of expression and heighten the sense of immersion for players.

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