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Iwown i6 Pro is a Bluetooth Smart wristband plus a Health Monitoring band Heart Rate Monitor (Heart Monitors are not effective on Dark Skin). The device has a 0.73'' OLED touch display, which is bright enough for good visibility in daylight. The display has a resolution of 128 x 88. The smartband has low energy Bluetooth V4.0. It has a 55mAh battery with a 5 day backup.  It is powered by a Dialog DA14680 chipset.
Its very power efficient and measures accurate live heart rate for you which you don't have to wait for. The Smartband will show you notifications from different apps. Moreover i6 Pro it will show caller ID with phone number, also you get SMS notifications. The smartband is completely water proof also. Further it has all the Health features like Pedometer, sleep monitor. Also you get features like music control, find phone and remote camera.
24-hour Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring:With advanced heart rate monitoring technology. Roll Band keeps you abreast of your heart rate all day and during workouts. 
Real-time Heart Rate Monitoring:Roll Band will automatically entered into Heart rate monitoring model when you master your sport rhythm,  making exercise more scientific and effective.
Intelligent Exercise Recognition:i6 pro intelligently recognise exercises types. Roll Band can automatically identify basketball, cycling, walking,running (four type of exercise). All you have to do is go forward, no additional manual operations.
Sleep Monitoring:Roll Band automatically tracks how long and how well you sleep. Account records of your sleep state. illustrates your sleep trends and gives you sleep pattern & strategies.
Unique curved frame design.The curved bottom of the Roll Band snug against your skin, matching ergonomics and comfortability during training. Three kind of dissimilar materials were melt for an integral whole, provide unifying visible image with unprecedented clarity. Curved frame design, makes the visual thickness of Roll Band breathtaking redefine smart band.
0.73''HD highlight OLED displayTime, Date, steps, distance, calories, heart rate in real time, messages, call ID, to-do, movement model..can be display on the screen at any time, makes it readily available for check and keeps track of your exercise progress and effect.
Sedentary reminderIf you refrain from all body movement, you will hamper your body's ability to fight off ill health. Let Roll Band remind you get up and walk around a bit.
Changeable Intelligent Interface.0,73 inches screen and solution of 128*88 make it possible to provide the option to select 5 different dial styles even include clock style dial. Swap the watch faces, personalize your own life.
Multiple Operating Mode:Click, slide, long press, three kinds of operation mode, leading to a clever experience. Full vertical screen display and high sensitive touch screen bring you a high quality interaction experience.
Multi-Sport Management:Mode of Running, mode of Walking, mode of Badminton, mode of Football, there is always one you like.
Gesture control:Simulate the operations by turning over the wrist to look at watch, and  light up the screen.
Onscreen Virtual Assistance:8 pieces of messages can be stored at a time on Roll Band. Message on the phone can be pushed to the Roll Band timely. Roll Band will remind you by vibrating your wrist and display the content on the screen. Click on the screen to flipping pages to view.
Waterproof:Waterproofing standard of Roll Band was designed as grade IP67, on land or in the water, from hiking to surfing. Roll Band can withstand it all.
Roll Band now becomes your personal assistant and boost your efficiency. Directly set up your To-do with voice interaction in the iWOWNfit App. Roll Band will remind you in the set time by vibration. Display Call ID, Roll Band shows your incoming calls and vibrates your wrist, even in a noisy environment, you never miss important calls, to help you take control of your day and your schedule. You can also slide the screen to reject a call convenient and efficient.
  • Heart Rate Monitor (Heart Monitors are not effective on Dark Skin)
  • Real Time Heart Rate Monitoring.
  • Intelligent Exercise Recognition.
  • Advance Sleep Monitor.
  • Unique Curve Frame Design.
  • 0.73'' HD OLED Display.
  • 5 Changeable Intelligent Interface.
  • Multiple Operating Mode.
  • Multi-Sport Management.
  • Gesture Control.
  • Onscreen Virtual Assistance.
  • IP67 WaterproofCertified.
  • Iwown i6 Pro RollBand
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

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