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Handy Stitch Portable Cordless Sewing Machine + Sewing KIt
The power of a big machine is now literarily in your hands. Got a tear on your favorite dress and stopped wearing it because you don't have time to get it repaired? Are you wary of wearing that trouser with the gaping hole in the pocket because of the numerous items you've lost? Well you can kiss those days goodbye with the Handy Stitch Portable Cordless Sewing Machine. his handy tool will allow you sew, mend and work on any project on the go. Now you can mend your curtains without having to take them off the rod, hem-up a skirt while you're wearing it or stitch up a torn pocket without taking off.SEWING KITSBe prepared for any sewing emergency with this handy and durable Sewing Kit Includes :
  • 1 x Scissors
  • 1 x Measuring tape
  • 10 x Needles
  • 1 x Humble
  • 20 x Safety Pins
  • 4 x Button
  • 8 x Spools of thread
  • Perfect for every day, travel or emergency use
  • Everything you need to fix and mend any garment
  • Comes packaged in translucent plastic cases.

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