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Color: White
Size(s): 28.2X15.8X4.5cm


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1) Can also be mounted on wall or cabinets
2) Requires 6x AA batteries (Not Included).
3) Reseals almost any bag in seconds
4) Reseals all your food bags, chips, pasta, rice & more
5) Portable and Ideal for kitchen, office, workshop, camping, travelling & gardening
6) Keeps food fresh, the seal is airtight
7) Save food and reduce waste
8) The bag sealer can also be used to resealer existing plastic bags such as crispa and nuts
9) Press down on the top of the reseal and save and hold for at least 3 seconds,depending on the thickness of the plastic bag or the energy in your batteries you will need to hold the top down firmly over the bag for at least 3 to 7 seconds.
10) For longer or larger bags that are more than 17cm long simply slide the reseal and save along the seal until you have matched up to your previous seal and repeat the process. in some instances if you require a long seal for a very large bags it is easier to zig zag slightly to ensure your seals meet up and overlap.when finished switch off the reseal and save on the side of the unit.
11) Packing Size: 28.2*15.8*4.5cm
12) Packing Weight : 220gPacking: Blister PackingPackage Includes: User Manual

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