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We all get super busy in the kitchen, especially when we're preparing a big dinner for multiple people all by ourselves. Sometimes, two hands just aren't enough. When you have to continuously stir grandma's 'finicky' gravy and take your delicious homemade cake out of the oven at the same time, that's when you need 3 hands. Yes, we've all been there. Either the cake is going to get a little brown or the gravy is going to stick to the bottom of your pan. Well, that scenario is now a thing of the past. Let the “Stir Crazy” do your stirring for you. We can promise grandma's gravy will never stick to the bottom of the pan ever again.

The “Stir Crazy” isn't just for gravy! Making homemade soups and sauces is a long and time consuming process and standing in front of the stove stirring may take hours out of your day; hours that you can be spending with your family, cleaning the house, or just about anything else. Of course, the chances of burning your food are higher if you step away and do something else while cooking.

The “Stir Crazy” is an ingenious product. Its silicone feet even get up against the edges of your pan so nothing sticks and nothing is left unstirred. It can be used on any size or kind of pot; stainless, non-stick, iron, and even on ceramic. Because Stir Crazy is 100% water proof it even works under water. It is battery operated, and it can stir up to 4 hours and stand heat up to 572 degrees.

- Use ‘Stir Crazy’ as an aid to preparing sauces. 
- Care should be taken with hot sauces
- ‘Stir Crazy’ should never be left unattended
- With just the push of a button, ‘Stir Crazy’ will smoothly turn by itself, infusing flavours and helping to stir all sorts of custards, sauces and soups can be stirred automatically
- This ingenious product takes the effort out of constant stirring
- Will stir for up to 4 hours on 1 set of 4x AA batteries. Batteries not included.
- Heat and non-stick pan safe
- Legs are dishwasher safe (Battery unit - needs to be hand washed)

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