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  • Features & Benefits:
    • Fills your car's tires with air
    • Portable and fits in your trunk
    • Includes adapters to fill balls and other inflatable objects
    • Programmable pressure gauge makes sure you don't over-inflate
    • 12-volt power adapter plugs right into your car
  • Portable air compressor allows you to inflate tires and more anywhere, anytime with ease
  • Plug it into your car’s 12Volt AC adaptor, set to your car’s PSI, and pull the trigger to inflate flat or low tires; the 14-foot cord makes it easy to work on your car’s tires or help out a friend
  • Convenient auto-stop feature and pressure gauge allows both novice and experienced drivers to attain just the right amount of air pressure, without over or under-inflating
  • No manual pumping or batteries required; perfect small air pump for cars and bikes or use it as a pool pump, balloon pump, sports ball pump or air mattress pump
  • Includes Air Dragon with built-in LED light for night-time use, car power cable, pressure hose, ball adapter pin, and balloon adapter pin

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