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Enjoy 24/7 life-time vehicle surveillance through our easy-to-use web based vehicle tracking solution when you buy our TK103A car tracking device. With our hosted tracking solution (CityWatchHTS), you can monitor the present, revisit the past and capture important future events pertaining to vehicle usage. The good news is that the price quoted covers cost of the car tracking device, installation and life-time web server subscription (No monthly or annual commitment required). After purchase, all you have to pay for is usual airtime recharge/data subscription for your tracking SIM Card.


- Web based car tracking service provides extra protection for your vehicle(s): Sometimes we get too busy or forget to query tracking devices for vehicle location. As a matter of fact, it’s a daunting task to keep track of vehicle movements by SMS alone; especially when they are more than 1 vehicle. Our servers never get too busy nor ever forget to monitor your vehicle(s), neither do they go to sleep, so you are assured of 24/7 surveillance on your vehicle.

- Important events pertaining to vehicle usage are captured and preserved in our secured data base, so you can revisit them at your convenient time.

- Get notified when your GPS car tracker malfunctions:
We run weekly routine checks on all tracking accounts registered with us. Thus, we give timely report on offline trackers, ensuring that the tracking system remains in your service at all times.


::: Real-time Car Tracking
Allows you monitor your vehicle(s) whereabouts, real-time on laptops / PCs (via web browsers) and mobile phones (using Go Track – an android mobile tracking App, available on Google Play Store for free download).

::: Track Playback
Replays vehicle driven routes over a specified period of time in the past.

::: Access to Historic Data
Allows you access stored information pertaining to vehicle usage over a period of three (3) months, as retained on our data base.

::: Custom Reports
Presents important events with their durations, as specified by the user; summarizing stopovers and associated idle times, Driving time and total distance covered, In/Out Geozones among others.

::: Multiple User Support
Any number of users can be linked to your tracking account, allowing them access the tracking account at any given time from multiple locations giving you a true multiuser system. Each user is assigned a unique username and password. Tracking Account privileges can be managed to restrict users to certain privileges.

The TK103A tracking device, as you may have known ranks among world’s best selling tracking devices and comes with lots of amazing features, these include;

(1). Vehicle Demobilization/Resume via SMS.
(2). Unauthorized shift of vehicle position alarm.
(3). Conversations monitoring 5m distance around the car.
(4). Over speed alarm (notifies you via sms when driver over speeds).
(5). Electronic Fencing/Geo fencing (sends sms alert when vehicle moves out of a preset area).
(6). Vehicle Ignition status reporting.
(7). Other ALARMS: Accident alarm, Movement alarm, SOS alarm, Power off alarm, Low Battery alarm, fuel theft alarm, GPS blind spot alarm, Door open alarm, ACC On alarm, vibration/shock sensor alarms.
(8). SD Card Support (external memory cards for data storage especially when vehicle enters blind area with no network area).
(9). In-built Back-up battery (rechargeable Li-ion battery sustains the tracker should vehicle battery be disconnected).
(10). ARM/LOCK by SMS (works with car central lock system to disarm and unlocks car doors).
(11). Supports continuous auto tracking (based on time/distance intervals).
(12). Works with all cellular network (MTN, Airtel, GLO etc).

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